Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process?

We receive 80% of our applications through the project application form tab on the IAM website. There are alternative methods available to individuals who do not have access to the internet (i.e. we receive phone calls and make arrangements for the individual to complete a hardcopy application form). All completed applications are submitted and routed to the IAM email where our team reviews and chooses which candidate to support.

In order to qualify for funding through the IAM organization, all applicants have to undergo a two-step review process. The review processes are outlined below

Initial screen process- Stage 1
Second Screening process- Stage 2
Stage 1: This stage entails a review of the candidates project application form by the board of directors. Once approved, the application is moved on to the second screening phase outlined below.

What is the second screening process?

After the initial application review process, we ask that each approved candidate provide us with the following documents:

Admission form
Class/School Schedule
Once all the required documentation outlined above are received, the candidates profile is added to the “What you can do” tab for crowdfunding purposes. The IAM organization is privately funded, but also provides a platform for the public to donate to a candidate of their choice.

For applicants who want to receive funding on a recurring basis, there is a minimum grade requirement that has to be attained.

Where do we send the money?

All funds received are sent directly to the school. Funds are not sent to the candidates. The IAM organization receives a bill from the educational institution outlining the tuition due for each individual.