Kabowa Pre-Primary School – Uganda

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Kabowa Pre-Primary school is an educational institution located in the Kabowa community area of Kampala Uganda and was founded in 2011. Majority of the individuals in this area are of a very low income group and have a wide range of social and economical challenges. The mission of the school is to develop the children in the community physically, economically, socially, spiritually and academically through several education initiatives and other welfare assistance. The Kabowa team has developed a strategy to break into the community and identify orphans as first priority. These orphans are the target audience for the school which currently caters to students in nursery through primary 3 (kindergarten to 3rd grade). Kabowa pre primary school needs funds to purchase books for the children. Some of the textbooks needed are The Sipro Teachers guide, MK standard text books,   Rs Thematic curriculum, Thematic schemes of literacy and The Sipro learner’s work books. The cost of these books based on the quantity needed is $1,200. To provide the necessary financial resources needed, please donate below.