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UPDATE: Check out this CNN article and video about Fatu’s time here in the U.S. at Emory University’s College of Nursing! We’re so proud of this young lady!!

*UPDATE* We have met our fundraising goal! Thank you all! Please stay tuned for more information on Fatu.

Faith and Innovation Triumph Over Ebola

As the Ebola epidemic ravaged Liberia, 22-year-old Fatu Kekula found herself at the center of the storm. With four infected family members, nowhere to go and no one to turn to, Ms. Kekula was faced with daunting reality that her father, mother, sister and cousin would die as hospital after hospital turned them away, overburdened by a swarm of Ebola patients and unable to provide adequate care.

Desperate but determined, Ms. Kekula defied fear, daring to nurse her family to health all on her own. Fashioning protective gear from garbage bags, she risked her own life to save her family, challenging fate every day – for two straight weeks. In the end, Ms. Kekula’s faith and resilience paid off as she successfully rescued all but one from Ebola’s menacing grip –sadly, her cousin did not survive.

This remarkable testimony is owed to Ms. Kekula’s unrelenting belief in self, creativity and a deep, genuine call to care for others. While in itself a miraculous feat, Ms. Kekula’s capacity and ability to attend to her relatives were a direct result of skills and experience gained over three years in training as a nursing student at Liberia’ Cuttington University, home to the  country’s largest Nursing school.

Schools Shut Down But Dreams Can Move Forward

Due to the Ebola epidemic, Liberia has shut down its schools, Cuttington University included, until the outbreak is contained. With no end in sight, Ebola is once again trying to halt Ms. Kekula’s dreams. iAMProjects read the Fatu inspiring story on CNN. Ever since then, we have been committed to do whatever we can to make her dreams of finishing nursing school and starting her own non-profit a reality. This time, she did not have to fight alone.

iAMProjects Involvement 

We did what we do best at iAMProjects.org; we got to work on advocating for our candidate.  We reached out to Emory University and about 100 other nursing schools in the United States and South-Africa and informed them about this amazing young woman and her plight. Emory believed in Fatu’s dream and the iAMProjects mission and granted her admission to finish her nursing degree. For the past 2 months we have been working with Fatu, her university in Liberia (Cuttington University) and Emory so that she can begin classes this spring Semester.

How You Can Help

We are asking for your donations to assist Ms. Kekula in achieving her dream of completing nursing school so she can continue to profoundly touch lives. Ms. Kekula has been accepted by this organization to be an IWILL candidate, a program that seeks to help individuals currently enrolled in school obtain the necessary funds to complete their education.

Fatu has been admitted by Emory School of Nursing to complete her nursing degree. Fatu is scheduled to start school at Emory in January, 2015 and thus, needs your help in making this dream become a reality.

Based on our assessment, our target fund-raising goal is $40,000 to support Ms. Kekula academic efforts in nursing over the next 2 terms.·

  • Tuition: $20,000
  • Living expenses: $10,000
  • Travel and Visa expenses: $10,000

All donated funds will go towards paying for Ms. Kekula’s nursing education and will be sent directly to the Emory University.

The Impact

Ms. Kekula is an inspiration. Her bravery, dedication, and innovation are a source of hope for Liberians and Africans everywhere that Ebola can and will be defeated. Today, her inventive personal protective equipment from household materials is currently being adopted where resources are lacking to respond to the virulent disease.

Ebola didn’t kill Ms. Kekula and we cannot let it silence her dreams. With your contributions, we can keep Ms. Kekula in school and invest in her future and the lives of many others she will impact.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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